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SMiRT 23 Organisation



International Scientific Committee (ISC)

We are very pleased to announce that the individuals listed below have agreed to support the conference as members of the ISC:

 Division 1  Mechanics of Material
Dr Andrey Jivkov University of Manchester, UK
Professor Daman Panesar University of Toronto, Canada
Graham Doughty EDF Energy, UK
 Division 2  Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity
Professor Steve Garwood Imperial College, UK
Elisabeth Keim AREVA, Germany
Professor Yun Jae Kim Seoul University, Korea, / Imperial College, UK
 Division 3  Applied Computation Simulation
Laure Pellet EDF Energy UK / University of Manchester UK
Cheryl O’Brien Idaho National Laboratory, USA
Keith Wright Rolls Royce, UK
 Division 4  Characterisation of Loads
Peter Ford Office for Nuclear Regulation, UK
Annie Kammerer Bechtel Power Corporation, USA
Emmanual Viallet EDF Group, France
Shin Morita Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority
 Division 5  Modelling Testing and Response Analysis of SSC
Professor Colin Taylor University of Bristol, UK
Susumu Nakamura Institute of Applied Energy
Malcolm Goodwin ABS Consulting Ltd
 Division 6  Design and Construction Issues
Dr Paul Smith AMEC, UK
Dr Ayman Saudy AMEC, Canada
Dr Sanj Malushte Bechtel Power Corporation, USA
 Division 7  Safety, Reliability, Risk and Margins
Dr John Llambias Risktec, UK
Dr Seiichiro Fukushima TEPSCO, Japan
Dr Masoud Zadeh Bechtel Power Corporation, USA
Dr Ravi Ravindra MK Ravindra Consulting
 Division 8  Issues Related to Operations, Inspection and Maintenance
Dr Russ Booler AMEC, UK
Dr Steven Doctor Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
 Division 9  Waste, Fuel Cycle Facilities and Decommissioning
Professor Anthony Banford National Nuclear Laboratories, UK
Dr Bhasker Tripathi Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA
Dr Stephen McDuffie Department of Energy, USA
 Division 10  Challenges of New Reactors
Professor Tim Abram University of Manchester, UK
Professor Xinxin Wu Tsinghua University, China

 Technical Focus Leads

As part of the scope of the standard SMiRT divisions, focussed topics for SMiRT 23 include:

Nuclear Applications of Graphite Dr Jim Reed (EDF Energy Generation) and Prof. Barry Marsden (University of Manchester)
High Temperature Assessment Prof. Dave Dean (EDF Energy Generation)
New Build and the Harmonisation of Codes and and Standards Dr Andrei Blahoainu (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)
Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) Prof. Nawal Prinja (AMEC Clean Energy)
Flooding Hazards – Developments Post Fukishima Prof. Abhinav Gupta (North Carolina State Uuniversity)
Component Fragility of Nuclear Power Plants Dr Prabir Basu
Nugenia – European Collaborative Research & Development for Gen 2 & 3 Reactors Elisabeth Keim (AREVA Germany)



Official Partners